Enjoying Best and Delicious Himachali Cuisine

Traveling and exploring new placing gives me great escape from the hectic life. For my work purpose, I need to meet various clients depending on their availability. Most of the clients meet at the office but certain clients want the meetings at their office which gives me an opportunity to travel to new places. This time the client meeting was planned at Manali which was my dream vacation spot for many years. I was very happy and excited for this client meeting that was at Manali.

solang valley

solang valley | Image Resource : pinimg.com

Tourism in Manali:

Manali is a famous tourist city in the District of Kullu. This city is situated in the valley region near the River Bias. Many people travel through this city while going towards Leh, Spiti, Ladakh, etc. This city is a very famous tourist destination for people from India and abroad. The various places worth visiting in Manali include the Solang Valley, Hidimba Temple, Rohtang Pass, etc. Manali looks best when visited during the winter season when it is covered in snow.

Bhuntar airport

Bhuntar airport | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

Travelling To Manali:

On finalizing the meeting, I check for the various options to reach Manali from Bangalore. The Airways seemed as the most convenient option as it helps to save a lot of travel time. The best option is to travel first to the nearby airport to Manali which is Bhuntar airport in Kullu and then a drive towards Manali. As I booked the ticket in advance, I received a great discountwhile booking an economy class ticket in Air India flight.

Tasty Cuisine Of Manali:

The people in Manali follow the traditional cuisines of Himachal Pradesh and their staple food includes rice, lentils, etc. The main components of the food even include broth, vegetables, bread, etc. The famous dishes of Himachal Pradesh inclu

  • AuriyaKadoo,
  • Chana Madra,
  • Mash Daal,
  • TudkiyaBhath,
  • Mitha Bhat, etc.

TastingThe Special Dish:

Being a food lover, I searched on the internet before leaving Bangalore for the specialty food in Manali. I came across an interesting dish called as the ‘Patande’. This dish is generally eaten for breakfast and is a type of Pancake. The batter for this pancake is made from the wheat flour, sugar and milk. These Patande looks similar to the dosa but are sweet.


snow valley resort

snow valley resort | Image Resource : snowvalleyresorts.com

Exotic stay at the hotel:

On reaching the airport I hired a cab to drop me to the pre-booked hotel in Manali. The Snow Valley Resort provided a 4-star accommodation. The surroundings of the hotel were amazing as the pine forest covered the maximum surrounding area. This resort had bright interiors, luxurious rooms and offered good services. The hotel provided all the necessary facilities that a traveler requires during their stay to make it more comfortable.

The entire trip to Manali was excellent starting from the plane journey and then the scenic car route. The hotel was also luxurious. I preferred to stay in the standard room which was comfortable for my stay. This resort is best to spend some quality time during their trip for work or leisure.



Exploring Nagpur and Visiting the Tourist Places Here

We all need an excellent vacation from time to time, to alleviate the exhaustion that comes from today’s world. The modern workplace comes with its fair share of pressures due to the tight schedule as well as the omnipresent deadlines. This leads to many being burnt out and in need of a break from it all. This is where a nice vacation trip to a good destination can really help out. A vacation can truly rejuvenate us mentally and physically and keep us going in top order.

Tourism In Nagpur

Nagpur is an important tourist and industrial city in the state of Maharashtra in India. While Nagpur isn’t very famous in the main stream tourism scene yet, the city has many great and fun places to see and many fun things to do as well, and thus Nagpur is certainly a great place for a holiday trip. Nagpur is a city with a rich historical background, and there are many excellent historical places in Nagpur that one can go to, and can appreciate the rich history of the city..


Marathi cuisine | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Nagpur is a city with a great shopping experience as well, with many great places to shop at, such as sprawling shopping malls and many local street markets, as well. The shopping malls are perfect for buying all kinds of general stuff that one might need. The local markets in Nagpur are great for buying traditional items and souvenirs.

The delicious Marathi cuisine is another one of the best things about Nagpur. Famous all over India, the food of Maharashtra is especially famous for the many delicious snacks. One should certainly not miss out on the chance to try the genuine taste of Marathi cuisine, and tourists can go to any of the authentic Marathi restaurants in town to try the food.

Travelling To Nagpur


Flight from Pune to Nagpur | Image Resource : intoday.in

Nagpur is one of the major cities in Maharashtra as it is an important industrial and tourism hub. Thus, the city has seamless connectivity to numerous cities all across India by means of air. There are many airlines operating flights to and from Nagpur and other cities in the country. For anyone flying in from Pune, there are a good number of flight from Pune to Nagpur to pick from.

Best Tourist Places in Nagpur

Nagpur is a popular tourist destination in the region, and for good reason. Some of the best tourist places in and around the city are:

  • Sitabuldi Fort

The popular tourist spot of Sitabuldi Fort is located atop a hillock in the outskirts of Nagpur, and was built in 1857 by the British. These days, the fort has been redeveloped into the offices of India’s territorial army and on national holidays, the general public can visit it.

  • Deeksha Bhoomi


Deeksha Bhoomi | Image Resource : blogspot.com

The Deeksha Bhoomi is a one of the significant places for Buddhists in Nagpur. It is a place where one of the holy ‘stupas’ of Buddhism is located. Many tourists come here to see the elegant stupa. It is a interesting place to visit.

There are many more great tourist places in Nagpur that one can go to.

Enjoy Your Delhi Tour By Doing These Things

New Delhi is one of those places in the country that has something new and different for each and every traveller who comes in here to enjoy vacation. Apart from being the capital city of the country, New Delhi is also a very famous tourist destination which is owing to the fact that this city has a very vivid historical past. Well, if you are thinking about things to do in New Delhi, then here is some help for you.

Top 3 things that you can do in Delhi

1) Visit the Chandni Chowk area

This is one of the historical areas where you can actually go and enjoy yourself. This is in that place where you will be able to find a true brotherhood of Hindus and Muslims living in harmony and peace. There are a lot of things that are available in the market starting from clothes and accessories and even antiques but then if you are looking for electronics then this may not be a top choice although there are certain shops selling electronics.

2) Enjoy yourself @ New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel

One of the things that you can actually do is live in one of the hotels near Delhi Airport Terminal 3. The area outside the Airport Terminal 3 is one of the most visited and happening areas in the city as there are a lot of them here. New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel is a perfect option if you are tired and want to refresh yourself. It is located strategically and various popular places to visit in Delhi are nearby.

Hotels near Delhi Airport Terminal 3 | Image Resource: whatsuplife.in

3) Visit the Humayun’s Tomb

One of the world heritage sites in the country, the Humayun’s Tomb is one of the first garden tombs in the history. This is one of the historical monuments that is always crowded by people due to its beauty and the huge garden, which is pretty amazing. Apart from that this garden and tomb is very well maintained since the year of 1572 and has been the site for shooting for some very famous Bollywood movies.

Humayun’s Tomb | Image Resource: culturalindia.net



A Historical Visit to Mahabaleshwar- A Memory Down The Lane!

Life in Mumbai is pretty fast and its quite difficult to cope with the speed of the running city. On the other hand, Mahabaleshwar is a calm place where there is no much hustle and bustle, Therefore I made a decision to explore this place. Nonetheless, living in Mumbai is quite exciting and fun, but being a lecturer by profession luckily I got few opportunities to visit historical place in Mahabaleshwar with my colleagues. Fortunately, last month I got an opportunity to visit Mahabaleshwar. It was indeed a cherishable experience.

We didn’t get direct train from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, So travelled through first class Passenger Express till Pune and then hired taxi to Mahabaleshwar later on. Since we changed our transportation mode in Pune, it consumed little time of travel. So, totally it was about 3 and half hours journey.

Accommodation at Mahabaleshwar

Before we stepped into Mahabaleshwar, our accommodation was booked the finest Mahabaleshwar resort in the city. The resort offered unique experience with its guest rooms and suites, luxurious sitting and pleasing ambience added much thrill to our vacation.

By the time we reached Mahabaleshwar it was mid-noon, as we were in historical visit trip we didn’t want to waste precious time of the trip by staying within the 4 walls of the hotel room. We got fresh up and went out to explore the city.

Mahabaleshwar resort | Image Resource: hariomholidays.co.in

Here are some of the famous historical places of Mahabaleshwar:

Panchganga temple

This is the only holy place in Mahabaleshwar that receives water from five rivers named Savitri, Krishna, Venna, Koyna and Gayatri. The union of these 5 rivers gives the name Panchganga. Water from all the rivers flow through cow mouth carved out of stone. This holy place can be visited from 08:00 am till 10:00 pm and approximately it takes about 1 hour to see the complete place thoroughly. The best time to visit the place is from October to June.

Pratapgadh fort

This fort is the pride of Maratha Empire. It was built during the reign of Shivaji and Afzal Khan. The entire structure can be divided into two major regions, i.e. lower and upper. And the most important things to consider are, fort is built atop a hill. It was truly a memorable journey to this fort. This is one of the famous destinations in Mahabaleshwar visited by thousands of folks every year. In fact, it is a must see place owing to its historical background and scenic beauty.

Pratapgadh fort | Image Resource: sataratourism.in

Afzal Khan Tomb:

It is one of the biggest and popular historical places in Mahabaleshwar. I personally liked the place and grabbed enough knowledge.
Overall, it was a great trip!

Top 4 Must See Places In Kochi

KochiKochi | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Kochi is popularly known as the Queen of Arabian Sea as it was the spice trading center during the 14th century. The entire territory was occupied by the Portuguese from the 1503. Kochi is by far one of the premium natural harbors in the known world today. The city derives its name from the Malayalam work Kochazhi, which when translated means small lagoon. Some attractions that the city offers for visitors and tourists in Kochi are the Backwaters or the lagoons. Some of the famous places are:

1) Backwaters – The most popular backwaters in Kerala known as Veeranpuzha is an extension of the Vembanad Lake. Not many live in this area since it lacks fresh water, but the region has large paddy fields. This region is filled with tourists who love fishing and being close to nature. A boat house is not common in this area but can be obtained. Boat houses are very common in the Alleppey backwaters. The boat house can be a relaxing experience, these are mostly modified to meet holidaying. Some modifications include lounge areas, attached baths to bedrooms and include kitchenettes.

Marine DriveMarine Drive | Image Resource : pinimg.com

2) The Marine Drive in Kochi is built facing the back waters. In similarities to Pondicherry, the marine drive here does not allow vehicles. There are a lot of eating options on the walkway and the GCDA shopping complex is a popular shopping arcade. There are three present-day bridges in this area, the Rainbow bridge, the Chinese Fishing Net Bridge and the House Boat Bridge.

3) Kochi Fort was built by the Portuguese and served as protection of their commercial interests. They built their settlement behind the fort including a wooden church – Saint Francis Church, it was in this church that Vasco da Gama (The Admiral of the Sea) died in 1524. The Dutch took hold of the Fort till 1683 and then handed it over to the Indians in 1947.

4) The Hill Palace is a well-known huge archaeological museum in Kerala. It is a popular tourist destination for many people from across the country and foreign tourists as well. It is in Tripunithura and was the official residence of Cochin Maharaja. The palace was built in 1865 and has about 49 structures in an area of 54 acres of land. The complex is now a museum and has a deer park as well as a children’s park in the boundaries. The Hill Palace is opened to all except Mondays and holidays from 10 am to 5 pm. On evenings the palace gets busy and so it is best to visit early evenings to avoid the rush.

Tourist Places in KochiTourist Places in Kochi | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Kerala is often referred as Gods own country and is famous for many tourist places in Kochi. The serenity that it offers, the history that the place encompasses, and the cultural depth make it a memorable place to visit. Kochi is well connected by land and air, and so it is very easy to travel and enjoy a comfortable stay here. There are also many day trip busses available to get to Kochi from major cities.

Things to do in Raipur – Make Most of Your Visit

Raipur is one of the beautiful cities of India which is located in central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. It is a significant state for India in terms of steel production and a big industrial centre of India. There are many Indians and people from across the world that comes to visit here for various reasons ranging from commerce to leisure. It is indeed one of the colourful and vibrant cities of India with people from various communities living here.

Popular attractions in Raipur

The city also boasts of many temples and lakes. It is a popular tourist attraction and there is lot you can explore in this city. For the shopping lovers this place is an absolute delight and also for the food lovers. The local food and cuisines in this place is worth trying. Some of the best places which you can visit here are

Mahant Ghasidas memorial museum
Doodhadhari monastery and Temple
Mahamaya Temple
Budhapara Lake
Vivekanad Sarovar

One of the finest attractions in this city which you can visit is the Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum which was set up in the year 1875. The purpose of building this museum was to ensure that archaeological heritage in the country is preserved by the state for the future generation. There are a total of five galleries here which are spread in two floors. The building and design of this place is superb. It represents an octagonal shape building with a dome in the shape of crown.

Doodhadhari Lake and Monastery

Another amazing tourist location in the city of Raipur which you should visit is the Doodhadhari Lake and Monastery. It is located in the southern part of the city and lies on the banks of the Maharajbandh River. The beautiful architecture of the temple and also the River makes an amazing view and a popular tourist attraction. It was built in memory of the saint Balbhadra Das who used to have Milk as his only source of food. Visit this place for its stunning murals, paintings and the carvings. The scenic landscapes make the visit even more delightful.

Doodhadhari Monastery | Image Resource: transindiatravels.com

Mahamaya Temple

Mahamaya Temple is also a hotspot of Raipur. It is temple which is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is situated on the banks of River Kharoon. The place is visited by people from all parts of the region. The Durga Puja here is celebrated with much fanfare and fervour. The place is very easy to reach from across the city. You can find autos, taxis and private vehicles plying on this road. Budhpara Lake and the Kho Kho Lake is also located in proximity to this amazing temple.

Trains to Reach Raipur

Raipur is a city which is very well connected by trains. There are many trains which are coming from different parts of the country to Raipur Junction. You can check the list of trains online and also their timings of arrival and departure. To make bookings in the train you can use the various ticket booking apps of IRCTC and Indian Railways. All other information regarding the services and facilities are available online on the website of Indian Railways.

Raipur junction | Image Resource: indiarailinfo.com

Budhapara Lake

While in Raipur, you can also make a trip to the Budhpara Lake which is an amazing jewel of the city. It is a popular picnic spot and a great way to spend some time away from the noise and city life. It is said that Lake was built in the early 15th century. The waters of this lake are surely going to bring peace and serenity. It is a great place in the city to visit with your friends and family members.

If you wish to visit any popular place which is located in the heart of the city then Vivekananda Sarovar is the best place. It is believed that the Lake was used by Swami Vivekananda as his place of stay during his visits to the city of Raipur. It is perhaps the most entertaining places in the city.

Top Places To Savor Street Food in Bangalore

Bangalore is definitely one of the very popular cities attracting people not only for the finest tourist attractions but the street food too. There are lots of local food joints in Bangalore where you can enjoy the tasty and delicious dishes. Though you might not find a great seating arrangement but the tasty is something that will leave you awe. So if you are planning to give your taste buds a treat then why not try the street food of Bangalore which is just mind-blowing. Prepared in the traditional style, the food is fresh, scrumptious and prepared in front of you.

Though there is a long list of the food joints that you can try but the best ones are:-

V V Puram Street food – The first place where you should head without any doubt is the V V Puram. The tasty masala dosa is one of the favourites that people like to enjoy here. Then you have the sweet gulkand which is made of honey and butter to leave you lip smacking. Other options available here is the Dal Holige which is yet another specialty of the V V Puram. The best part is that the rates are quite affordable so you can easily eat as much as you like and enjoy your evenings to the fullest.

Dadar Vada Pav, Indiranagar – The next halt is the Indira Nagar where you get the best vada pav you might have ever tasted. You get a wide range of vada pav here along with other snacks like French fries, burgers etc. So you can easily make your evenings fun filled with these delicious vada pav that you will fall in love with. There is enough space to sit around and a great place to enjoy with your friends.

Dadar Vada Pav, Indiranagar | Image Resource: grabhouse.com

Hari’s Sandwich Zone, Jayanagar –You might have tried a variety of sandwiches but what about the chocolate sandwich. Yes, Hari’s sandwich zone specializes in chocolate sandwiches along with delicious chats. You can enjoy everything at a very economical price and that is a popular place for the people to hangout with their friends.

Pani Puri, Jayanagar – Rakesh Kumar’s stall is famous for pani puri. If you love pani puri then this is an ideal place for you. Located in the 3rd block of Jayanagar this shop is something you cannot miss. Apart from the pani puri, you can try the different kinds of chats as well which are just mouth-watering. Papdi chat, dahi puri etc. are some of the other options that you will get here.

Puchka’s, Marathahalli –Puchka is the right destination for you if you like Indori food. Here you get various kinds of snacks including gol gappas or puchkas and hot dogs, etc.

Karnataka Bhel House – Then you have the Karnataka Bhel House located in the Basavanagudi and is one of the best bhel destinations here. It is simply mouth watering.

Chatar Patar, Jayanagar – Then you have the Chatar Patar where you get everything from pani puri to chaat, pav bhaji, dabeli and lots more. It is a perfect spot to enjoy your nights as you get a wide range of snacks and that too at superb prices.

Accommodation in Bangalore

Though there are countless hotels and resorts in Bangalore but the Leela Palace Hotel Bangalore is definitely the best you will come across. Not only its facilities are top notch but the way guests are treated is what makes a difference. This is the reason that this hotel is the first preference of the tourists who want to enjoy a great and comfortable stay. You can choose from the different number of accommodation options that best matches with your needs as well as the budget. Online booking facility is available so you can book the rooms as per your plan and keep away from all sorts of issues.

Leela Palace Hotel Bangalore | Image Resource: newagetours.com

So plan your trip soon and enjoy a fabulous stay at this grand and beautiful hotel.