A Chance In Tasting The Popular Hyderabadi Biriyani At Its Best!

It was just another need of my job! The office management get a call and they immediately assign me the task of taking care of the event. A 3-Tier ticket for a/c class compartment was booked for me aboard the Charminar Express (12759).

I had to board the train at 1:20 in the afternoon from the Vijayawada Railway Station for an event that was going to be held at 10 pm in Hyderabad. This was going to be nearly a 5 hour journey and my opinion or willingness to travel was never asked even once! I guess many working professionals would have gone through such similar instances, as me now. The train was supposed to reach Secunderabad Railway Station by around 6, from where I had to travel another 9 Km to Katriya Hotels, where the event was going to be held.

Vijaywada Railway Station
Vijaywada Railway Station | Image Resource : irctc-co.in

Making The Best Out Of Reluctant Travelling I A Train

My source of comfort was that at least the trip was very calm and relaxing. The air-conditioned berth along with alluring seats helped me rest my body and mind at least for a little while. A complimentary meal was served that featured three chapattis with vegetable curry and some sweets accompanied with vegetable biriyani.

The Tiresome Ordeal Of Shifting From One Journey To Another

I reached the Secunderabad Railway Station as scheduled. The temporary sleep I had in the train helped me refresh myself and look forward to the reason for making this trip. I still had 3 hours left to reach the junction. But keeping the bustling traffic in mind, I caught an auto rickshaw instead of a taxi. An auto could very well navigate through the traffic, taking short turns and manoeuvring through small gaps unlike its bigger cousin.

The Attractiveness Of Luxury In The Katriya Hotels And Tower

  • The Hotel boasts of well decorated lobbies and comfortably furnished rooms or the convenience of both business as well as leisure.
  • Being quite close to the Secunderabad Railway Station was definitely a boost for travellers like me.
  • It has rooms available in different categories to of convenience to different classes of guests.
  • All the luxurious amnesties were there that once can expect in a 3-Star hotel

Feeling A Life Of Satisfaction While Having The Hyderabadi Biriyani

Hyderabadi Biryani
Hyderabadi Biryani | Image Resource : buzzintown.com

The actual pleasure of this trip came to me when it was time for food. The event ran successfully and I did my duties. Soon an announcement was made that food was served in a buffet system and all were asked to serve themselves. I did as suggested and soon a big smile spread on my face. I opened a large lid to find steaming-hot Hyderabadi Biriyani in it. Its main ingredient was mutton and the aroma emanating from it was just awesome!

In the end, the food made me forget all my earlier disagreements. I was actually enjoying my trip now. The event was successful and I did receive acclaim when I returned to Vijayawada. Nevertheless, the memory that I still nourish is that of having the Hyderabadi Biriyani. Thanks to the Katariya Hotels, I was able to taste the dish in its originality.


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