Find Good Hotels In Gokarna – For A Luxury Stay In The Region


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Gokarna is one of the biggest tourist destinations and a popular beach resort located in the Indian state of Karnataka. The scenic beaches and the world class services and features at the place make it a popular tourist place in the country. I planned a journey to the place recently to enjoy my holiday and enjoy the amazing climate and beauty of the place.

Train Travel from Mangalore

There are many ways to reach the place from Mangalore. I decided to travel by train as it is easy and affordable way of travelling in the route. The best train to catch from Mangalore to reach Gokarna is Karwar Express 16523. The train starts from Bangalore city junction and reaches Mangalore at 8.25 am in the morning. The time taken by the train to reach Gokarma from Mangalore is 5.30 hours.

The train reached Gokarna Road at 1.30 pm. I had booked my tickets in the second class AC of the train that was clean and well with all the facilities and services for the passengers. The train journey was good and refreshed me for the vacations. I slept for the most part of the journey. It is avery scenic route to Gokarna from Mangalore.

The Best Hotels in Gokarna

At the station there was a cab waiting for me to take me to the hotel. For my stay I had booked one of the best hotels in Gokarna. The hotel has world class services and facilities for the guests and passengers coming from all parts of the country. The hotel I booked for the stay was Sanskruti Lodge, a 3 star accommodation in the city.

The lodge was close to all the attractions and major places of interest. Some of the finest attractions and features of the hotel for the guests are

  • An in-house restaurant specialising in cuisines from all parts of the world
  • Banquet rooms
  • Conference and seminar room facilities
  • Spa and sauna services
  • Ayurveda massages

There are many premier quality rooms available at the hotel for the guests and tourists from all parts of the world. I had booked one of the deluxe rooms at the hotel for the stay. The room has world class amenities and luxuries for all. There was television with satellite channels, refrigerators, minibars, safe and 24 hour room services available for the guests. The rooms at the hotel can also be booked online for the stay.

Packages Available for Stay

There are many packages and trips available for the guests. The packages include stay in the best rooms at the hotel, sightseeing trips and buffet dinner and breakfasts at the hotel. Pick and drop facilities are also provided by the rooms. The rooms can be booked through online travel portals that provide world class discounts and rebates for stay in these hotels.

My stay in the hotel was amazing. The food from the in house kitchen of the hotel was world class. I was satisfied with their quality and quantity. I suggest everyone to use the hotel for an amazing stay at Gokarna at affordable prices.


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