I Was In Singapore To Spend My Long Vacation And Refresh Myself

visit to Singapore

Visit To Singapore | Image Resource : wordpress.com

I do not usually get long vacations and thus I make sure that I make the most of them. I take one long break at the end of every year and this year I had planned a visit to Singapore. I would have loved to take my family along but my children had exams and thus it was impossible to go with the family.

Singapore Zoo is the best zoo that I have ever seen in my life

When I arrived in Singapore, I realized that there were so many places to visit that it was hard to cover everything. Here is my experience of some of the most amazing places that I visited in Singapore.

singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo | Image Resource :  comesingapore.com

Singapore Zoo: I knew that it would be different from the normal zoos that I have seen before but never expected such a splendid experience. The variety of animals in the zoo was just amazing. The site of the panda was one of the most memorable parts of the visit. You can also buy tickets to feed animals. I was a bit late to avail the opportunity. Also, it started to rain as the zoo lies in natural rainforest area which spoiled a bit of fun. 

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: Just as I reached the temple, I was told that they were shutting down the top levels and thus I had to rush. The temple was not just a religious place but also a museum. I wish I could spend more time in the temple as there was still a large portion that I could not explore because of the shortage of time. The temple has a great structure and is situated in the middle of a peaceful environment. One of the better things about the temple was that there were no restrictions on taking photos.

Marina Bay Sands: The structure of this hotel never gives you the feeling that it is actually a hotel. It has to be one of most beautifully structured hotels in the world. The rooms in the hotel were very expensive as expected. Although, I could not afford to stay in the hotel but at least take a cup of tea at the restaurant on the top floor. The view of the city and the beach from the top is impossible to express in words.

Trivandrum to Singapore flights

Trivandrum To Singapore Flights | Image Resource : pinimg.com

Hotel Adler Hostel is a very affordable hotel in Singapore with shared rooms

I had not come with my family and thus I had absolutely no problem in booking an accommodation in Hotel Adler Hostel. The only thing that you need to take into account is that the there are no separate rooms but cabins with decent size beds. The beds are very well maintained, neat and clean. There were two bathrooms on each floor, one each for boys and girls. The bathrooms were very clean and separate towels were provided. The beds were available at very affordable cost.

Singapore Flights had an offer that allowed me to travel at a very low cost 

I was fortunate enough to find that Singapore Airlines was offering Trivandrum to Singapore flights at special price which allowed me to travel to Singapore at a very low cost.






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