I Want to Explore All the Best Historical Places In India

DelhiDelhi | Image Resource : tourism-of-india.com

I love to explore new places. I may not afford to explore the world but can surely visit places in India. I particularly enjoy visiting historical places and there, fortunately, there are so many of them in different parts of India. I have been visiting places with my friends or alone from the time when I was a teenager. My love does not seem to end soon as I want to explore all the best historical places in India. There are also limitations of money and time that restricts me. In MBA, I do not get any time to travel, except for the semester breaks. This break was dedicated to a trip to Delhi.

My main focus was to visit India Gate, Purana Qila and Lotus Tempe in Delhi

I realized that it is not possible to explore everything in a single tour and thus I always sort out a list of particular places that I want to visit. This was my second trip to Delhi and I was focusing on three places including Lotus Temple, India Gate, and Purana Qila.

Lotus Temple: Lotus Temple was the first place that I visited in Delhi. I had already been mesmerized by its structure by just looking at some of the images. The actual experience was no different. The temple was actually more sort of a meditation place on the inside. The architecture of the Golden Temple was truly magnificent.

India GateIndia Gate | Image Resource : culturalindia.net

India Gate: The image of the India Gate is associated with a lot of passion pride in my heart as I watch it, again and again, every year during the events like Republic Day, Independence Day etc. I visited the place in the afternoon. The place was very crowded with tourists from India as well as abroad. There were hundreds of names of the brave soldiers engraved on the walls of the India Gate.

Purana Qila: I took an auto rickshaw to Purana Qila on the next morning and I was pleased to find a lesser crowd in the place. The crowd increased as the day progressed but still it was comparatively lesser. There was a good park in the place but I was more interested in the Qila or the fort. Most of the structure was damaged or broken. Still, it was worth watching.

IRCTC ReservationIRCTC Reservation | Image Resource : hellboundbloggers.com

I reached Delhi via Dehradun Express with travel time of more than 30 hours

I knew that Delhi is a busy route and it is usually very hard to get irctc reservation easily on this route. I tried my best to get it early but there was a long waiting list and I had to book the ticket in Tatkal Quota. The train left Mumbai at the midnight and reached Delhi on the next morning at around 8:00 am.

I had a decent stay at the Hilton Garden Inn New Delhi

I had booked my accommodation at Hilton Garden Inn New Delhi using a travel website. It was a 4-Star hotel with decent rooms and good facilities. The quality of the food at the restaurant was not worth.


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