Escape the Heat, Come to Mount Abu


Mount Abu Hotels | Image source:

When a place is prone to scorching heat during the summer, everybody feels like going to a place that has a moderate climate or a place which cool. What other best place to visit than a great hill-station. India has several hill stations and one that is famous is Mount Abu.

Though some may be aware of this Hill station, not all of them know the great activities that are available here. Mount Abu, situated in the border of Gujarat and located in the state of Rajasthan, is very cool during the monsoon and winter. Even during the summer season, the average temperature does not go beyond 31 degree Celsius.

Stay in Mount Abu hotels for world-class facilities.
Stay in Mount Abu does not pose a problem at all as there are several hotels, resorts and cottages available at the disposal of the guests. Hotel Golden Berry, Hotel Prakash, OYO Rooms and OYO Homes, Great India Resort, Hotel Chanakya are some Mount Abu Hotels that provide the guests with budgeted but world-class facilities.

Television, air condition, telephone, toiletries, intercom, hot water, wardrobe and sometimes room service for breakfast and tea are some of the common amenities and facilities available in most of these hotels.

Whether you going to Mount Abu to escape the heat or just to relax, it would be best to step out and look around the place. Abu has many tourist attraction points and it would be a loss if you do not visit some of these places.

Peace walk or quiet time?
If you want to experience a jungle walk or jungle ride, then Trevor’s Park is the right place for you. The tree-filled park gives an ambience of walking in a forest. The lake in the park has few crocodiles in it. The place has panoramic views and if not for anything else, people come here to spend a quiet and peaceful time. It is that quiet and serene in this park. Bird watching is also a famous activity here.

If you want to go to a place that is both beautiful and serene, then Sunset Point and Peace Park are the places that you definitely need to visit. Breath-taking view of the sunset and the peaceful walk in the park will leave you rejuvenated and peppy.

Pray To The Deities And Enjoy The Architecture


Dilwara Temples | Image source:

Devotees also have something to rejoice about. Dilwara temples are one of the famous temples and known all over India. The carvings on the temple stones are very unique and the best part is that these stones are made of marble! There are a total of five temples in this premise and each temple has its own beautiful carving. This is a heritage temple area and the maintenance of the place is well taken care of.

Take a Nice Boat Ride or Climb the Mountains
Nakki Lake is a place that has lot of activities along with facilities. Boat rides are quite famous here. While in boat, the view of Toad Rock is very pretty. There are other rocky mountains that the visitors could climb. This place is also famous for the migratory birds that come in hordes.

Achalgarh Fort, Arbuda Devi Temple, Honeymoon Point and Raghunatha temple are some of the other places to visit in Mount Abu.


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