Hyderabad Famous Street Food Places: Relish the Cuisines of Hyderabad!

City of PearlsCity of Pearls | Image Resource : dcbooks.com

Hyderabad is the capital of the Southern Indian state of Telangana. It was established in the year 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah who was the fifth sultan of Qutb Shahi Dynasty of Golconda. Hyderabad is often referred to as the ‘City of Pearls‘ since it was previously a major trading centre for pearls and diamonds.

Hyderabad has lots to offer for a fastidious gourmet. This city is popularly known for its ubiquitous food carts known as Bandis which serves delicious and crispy butter dosas, tawa idlis and Vadas with chutney. There is always something special about the tempting aromas of street foods that pamper your taste buds. Let us look at some of the top street food places in Hyderabad.

Sardarji's DhabaSardarji’s Dhaba | Image Resource : burrpimg.com

1. Sardarji’s Dhaba, Gachibowli : –

Sardarji’s Dhaba is a renowned place which serves Hyderabad street foods such as dahi bhalla, samosa and papdi chaat. This outlet has the capacity to accommodate thirty to thirty five members at a time.

2. Gokul Chat, Koti : –

The Gokul Chat which is touted as one of the top eateries in Hyderabad serves delicious chaat as well as pav bhajji. Lots of people throng this place during day time.

3. Maharaja Chaat, Madhapur : –

Maharaja Chaat is an ideal spot to have some snacks with your friends and families. It is regarded as the second best street food in Hyderabad right after Gokul Chat.

Chole KulcheChole Kulche | Image Resource : hangouts.co.in

4. Ohri’s Chowpatti, Banjara Hills : –

The Ohri’s Chowpatti serves tangy dishes such as rugda samosa and chole kulche. It is the ultimate stop shop to savor the street food.

5. Lamakaan, Banjara Hills : –

The Lamakaan boasts of its perfect ambiance. They serve dishes like Vadas, pakodas and mirchi bajjis.

6. Golden Point Tea and Snacks in Himayath Nagar : –

Those who wish to experience a snacky evening may head to Golden Point Tea and Snacks which is located within the premises of Himayath Nagar. It is a popular food joint for youngsters as well as college students. One of the famous dishes which are served at this eatery is noodles. Fried rice and tea are other options which are ideal to choose at late night.

So why wait. Go around the city and grab a bite at some of the above mentioned top street food centers in Hyderabad.

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