Top Places To Savor Street Food in Bangalore

Bangalore is definitely one of the very popular cities attracting people not only for the finest tourist attractions but the street food too. There are lots of local food joints in Bangalore where you can enjoy the tasty and delicious dishes. Though you might not find a great seating arrangement but the tasty is something that will leave you awe. So if you are planning to give your taste buds a treat then why not try the street food of Bangalore which is just mind-blowing. Prepared in the traditional style, the food is fresh, scrumptious and prepared in front of you.

Though there is a long list of the food joints that you can try but the best ones are:-

V V Puram Street food – The first place where you should head without any doubt is the V V Puram. The tasty masala dosa is one of the favourites that people like to enjoy here. Then you have the sweet gulkand which is made of honey and butter to leave you lip smacking. Other options available here is the Dal Holige which is yet another specialty of the V V Puram. The best part is that the rates are quite affordable so you can easily eat as much as you like and enjoy your evenings to the fullest.

Dadar Vada Pav, Indiranagar – The next halt is the Indira Nagar where you get the best vada pav you might have ever tasted. You get a wide range of vada pav here along with other snacks like French fries, burgers etc. So you can easily make your evenings fun filled with these delicious vada pav that you will fall in love with. There is enough space to sit around and a great place to enjoy with your friends.

Dadar Vada Pav, Indiranagar | Image Resource:

Hari’s Sandwich Zone, Jayanagar –You might have tried a variety of sandwiches but what about the chocolate sandwich. Yes, Hari’s sandwich zone specializes in chocolate sandwiches along with delicious chats. You can enjoy everything at a very economical price and that is a popular place for the people to hangout with their friends.

Pani Puri, Jayanagar – Rakesh Kumar’s stall is famous for pani puri. If you love pani puri then this is an ideal place for you. Located in the 3rd block of Jayanagar this shop is something you cannot miss. Apart from the pani puri, you can try the different kinds of chats as well which are just mouth-watering. Papdi chat, dahi puri etc. are some of the other options that you will get here.

Puchka’s, Marathahalli –Puchka is the right destination for you if you like Indori food. Here you get various kinds of snacks including gol gappas or puchkas and hot dogs, etc.

Karnataka Bhel House – Then you have the Karnataka Bhel House located in the Basavanagudi and is one of the best bhel destinations here. It is simply mouth watering.

Chatar Patar, Jayanagar – Then you have the Chatar Patar where you get everything from pani puri to chaat, pav bhaji, dabeli and lots more. It is a perfect spot to enjoy your nights as you get a wide range of snacks and that too at superb prices.

Accommodation in Bangalore

Though there are countless hotels and resorts in Bangalore but the Leela Palace Hotel Bangalore is definitely the best you will come across. Not only its facilities are top notch but the way guests are treated is what makes a difference. This is the reason that this hotel is the first preference of the tourists who want to enjoy a great and comfortable stay. You can choose from the different number of accommodation options that best matches with your needs as well as the budget. Online booking facility is available so you can book the rooms as per your plan and keep away from all sorts of issues.

Leela Palace Hotel Bangalore | Image Resource:

So plan your trip soon and enjoy a fabulous stay at this grand and beautiful hotel.


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