Famous Places To Visit In Vishakhapatnam: An Enriching Travel Experience!


Vishakhapatnam City | Image Resource : apbjp.org

“The Jewel of East Coast” beckons you to take a visit to this beautiful and largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Vishakhapatnam is the coastal city known for its port and steel industries. If you are under the impression this big city is just an industrial city then, you are mistaken as it is popular for its beaches, lakes, valleys and hilly terrain. Industrialization has not altered the beauty of this scenic place and tourists will never regret for having visited the place.

The city has made itself popular in tourism, minerals, fishing, pharmaceuticals and information technology. The harbour at this city prides itself as being the only natural harbour in the east coast of India. The beautiful beaches of the city has earned it the moniker “Goa of the East”. You will love the scenic beauty of the city as it is surrounded by Eastern Ghats on all three sides and it has the Bay of Bengal on the other side.

Famous Places To Visit In Vishakhapatnam

Vishakhapatnam is also the fifth cleanest city of the country and the city abounds in tourists’ attractions. The popular ones are


It is a hill station located in the city and it houses temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The place has many viewpoints offering views of the valley and sea and it has ropeways, trains for children, etc. Popular points on the hill are Titanic view point, Jungle trails, food courts, Arts Gallery and Shanti Ashram.

Yarada Beach

It is surrounded by hills on the three sides and Bay of Bengal on the fourth side. You will love the lively beach atmosphere with lush greenery and golden sands. Photographers must never miss out on this spot as they can capture the sunrise and sunset and capture picture perfect scenes of the beach on their camera.

Flights to Vishakhapatnam

Flights to Vishakhapatnam | Image Resource : static.blog.dontpayfull.com

Dolphin’s Nose

It got its name as the place resembles a dolphin’s nose. If heights and natural beauty fascinate you then, you should be here. You can watch the valley view from Dolphin’s Nose. It also has a light house for tracking and monitoring ships from around 65 kilometres from here.

Borra Caves

It is considered as the largest caves of the country and it was discovered by the William King George. There is a small temple in the caves which was built to commemorate a religious event. There is a Shiva temple inside the temple and it has brown to green algae and rare flora.

Araku Valley

You should never miss out on this beautiful spot on your trip to Vishakhapatnam. It is located at an average altitude of 600m and 900m above the sea level. It offers beautiful views of the waterfalls, streams and valley.

Flights To Vishakhapatnam: Great Frequency!

To enjoy a beautiful holiday to Vishakhapatnam book your flight tickets to this coastal city and enjoy a great holiday. The place enjoys good connectivity to major cities and two tier cities of the country. The major flights to Vishakhapatnam are Jet Airways, Air India, IndiGo, Spice Jet, Air Costa and Jet Lite. Travelling by a low cost airline will never cost you much.

Places to Eat in Agra and Enjoy Wonderful Delights near Taj

The emerging thought of Agra brings a live picture of the Taj Mahal and few tombs in front of the eyes. But unlike its historical architecture, this place is also known for the delicacies. Agra being a favorite tourist destination also brings out the different type of cuisines for a palatable breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, heading Agra? Book the tickets as soon as possible. Now you also have one of the fastest trains connecting Delhi and Agra. Just make a reservation. Carry your railway e-ticket and board the train.

Railway e-ticket | Image Resource: eqlsoft.com

‘Must Go’ Places:

Amidst the fascinating view of the place, the places of delicacies are also something that should be definitely tried. Check out the list.

1. Dasaprakash: This is a restaurant specializing in the South Indian Cuisine. This place is quite a popular one with the spectacular thalis and special ice creams. So this is a must try place and if you are visiting in the summer, this dish will help you beat the tremendous heat. The interior is quite and supports a friendly environment with a neat and clean dishware.
Address: Mehar Complex 1, Gwalior Road, Baluganj, Ajeet Nagar, Arjun Nagar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
Time: Monday to Sunday between 11 AM to 11 PM.

2. Esphahan: This is one of the Agra’s finest restaurants offering the traditional Indian type of food. Located inside the campus of the Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel, this place has an extensive menu options. All the dishes are extremely palatable and the special delight is the Kerala shrimp curry. Visit this place if you are in this city.
Address: The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
Time: All days of the week between 7 PM to 11 PM.

3. Shankar Ji: If local cuisine is what you are looking for, visit this place for having the perfect introduction with the food of this place. This is a very simple, dhaba type eating joint with a versatile menu of the North Indian foods. The simplicity and the hospitality of the place will just blow away your mind along with the taste of the dishes.
Address: Tanga Stand, Kinari Bazar, Kaserat Bazar, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
Time: Monday to Sunday between 8 AM to 10 PM. It remains closed on Fridays.

4. Pinch of Spice: This is an awesome place to try out the different varieties of Indian curry and the traditional kababs. This place has the most decent ambience and the food quality is exquisite. There are so many items in the veg and the non veg category of which the murg boti masala and panner lababdar tops the list.
Address: 1076/2, Fatehabad Road, Vibhav Nagar, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
Time: 12 AM to 12 PM.

Pinch of Spice | Image Resource: aussieinfrance.com

5. Shankara Veggie’s: Your travel diary to the Taj is incomplete without a stop in this explicit restaurant. It is very simple and unique restaurant with a rooftop sitting arrangement. You get the chance of eating all the veg curries that India has along with the majestic view of the Taj. There are also some indoor sports that you can play there.
Address: 3/10, Chowk Kaghzi, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
Time: Between 8 Am to 10.30 PM.

Historical Monuments In Jhansi

Famous for its rich history, heritage, and Rani Lakshmi Bai, Jhansi attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Jhansi lies in the Bundelkhand region on the banks of the Pahuj River. There are numerous monuments in this city to explore and experience the history all over once again. The famous historical monuments in India are located in Jhansi. These so many monuments were built at different times in history.

In Jhansi, there are many old Monuments which date back to 1545. Sher Shah Suri built many monuments in this city. Tourists can enjoy light and sound organized here every evening. The monuments in Jhansi make for fine tourist as well as picnic sites. The Chandela kings ruled this city from 10th to the 11th century and many grand forts were built during this duration.

Must Visit Jhansi Monuments:

From a plethora of majestic monuments, the following are the most popular and must visit monuments in the Jhansi city:

Jhansi Fort: One of the main tourist attractions in the city is Jhansi fort. During the early 17 th century, Raja Bir Singh built this fort. This is a massive fort constructed to safeguard the city. It is located on the pinnacle of the hill. There is a museum within the premises of this glorious fort. Visiting this museum helps to gain more information about the history of Bundel khand. Various rare artifacts are displayed in this museum.

Jhansi Fort | Image Resource: 2.bp.blogspot.com

Rani Mahal: Another major attraction in Jhansi is Rani Mahal. It was built as a majestic home of Rani of Jhansi, Now, it is an ancient museum. Raghunath II Newalkar had erected this palace. Tourists in large numbers visit this palace to witness the beautiful architectural style of ancient Bundelkhand. The vast open courtyard looks fantastic. The elegant interior of his palace is enhanced with mesmerizing paintings of 9th to 12th century. The prime attraction of this palace is Durbar Hall.

Maharaja Gangadhar Rao Ki Chattri: Rani Lakshmi Bai constructed Maharaja Gangadhar Rao Ki Chattri. It is one of the prime attractions in the Jhansi city. In order to show respect and memorize Maharaja Gangadhar Rao, this monument was built.

St Judes Shrine: Along with the divine and religious beliefs, this Church is also popular for its brilliant architecture style. It was constructed to memorize Saint Jude in 1966.

Jhansi Museum: Witness the glorious history of Jhansi through the rare photographs, statues, dresses, coins, bronzes, weapons, terracotta, etc materials displayed in this museum. The picture gallery has several pictures on its wall related to Gupta period.

Accommodation In Jhansi:

Being a historic city, it is a major crowd puller in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Hence, the hotel and hospitality industry in this city is excellent and well-established. Various small and big hotels are set in Jhansi. One of the most popular is the Samrat hotel Jhansi which attracts many travelers. It is located close to railway station and offers great services along with comfortable accommodations.  The rooms in this hotel are simple and elegantly decorated. All rooms have essential modern comforts.

Samrat hotel Jhansi | Image Resource: cleartrip.com

Plan your trip to Jhansi to witness the history and glorious past of India through its monuments.

Some Of The Most Visited Places To Hangout In Pune


SpiceJet | Image Resource : pinimg.com

Guwahati is the largest city in Assam and Northeastern India. It is a major port city which is situated between the south bank of river Brahmaputra and the foothills of the Shillong plateau. The Guwahati region has varied biological diversity and it houses diverse wildlife which includes rare animals like Rishabh, Asian elephants, pythons, tigers, rhinoceros, gaurs, primate species, and endangered birds.

Reaching Pune from Guwahati:

Guwahati is a city in the Northeastern India were as Pune is located towards the west coast of India, thus traveling from the northeast to west coast id preferred generally by airways. The time duration for travel by airways is around 6 hours as in comparison with the travel time by rail or road which is nearly 2 days. The various airlines which provide services include GoAir, IndiGo, SpiceJet, Air India, Vistara, Jet Airways, etc.

Most of the time, there is break journey for this route. Most of the airlines have the policies that if the passenger does the booking in advance and also books the tickets using the same airline for the break journey, then the passenger can get the cheap air tickets which make the journey more economic.

cheap air tickets

Cheap Air Tickets | Image Resource : buyfromdeals.com

Famous Hangout Places in Pune:

There are many places in Pune where a person can hangout and chill. These places include:

Shanivar Wada: This is a huge palace having five gateways, nine bastions, fine wooden pillars and lattice work.

Aga Khan Palace: This palaceis said to be an eyewitness to the rescue of famine-stricken locals, the imprisonment of Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Kasturba Gandhi, Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu and the death of Mahadev Desai and Kasturba Gandhi. Currently, it is used for photos and paintings exhibiting the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Osho ashram: It is a meditation resort where meditation, massages, workshops, theaters which help to spend some time in solitude. It is an ideal place to relax in Pune.

Sinhagad Fort: The fort is situated on the isolated cliff of the Bhulaswar range and is mostly explored by the people for the purpose of trekking.

DagadusethHalwaiGanpati Temple: It is a very famous temple in Pune which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

SarasBaug Ganesh temple

SarasBaug Ganesh Temple | Image Resource : sarasbaug.in

Pataleshwar Cave Temple: It is a rock cut temple which is carved out of a single basalt rock piece. The temple houses Shiva Linga, massive pillars and Nandi Bull.

SarasBaug: It is a huge park which is great for relaxation. It also has a beautiful Ganesh temple in the center.

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park: This Park is divided into three parts which include an animal orphanage, a snake park, and a zoo. It includes various animals like Deer, white tiger, tiger, sloth bear, elephants, etc. The visitors can also enjoy boating in the Katraj Lake.

Facts about Pune:

Pune is a place in the Maharashtra state which was said to be the capital of the Maratha Empire. It is also called as the cultural head of Maharashtra which has a blend of rich culture, heritage and modernization. Currently, Pune is said to be the leading center for information technology in Maharashtra state. Pune has various places for historical events which serve as a reminder of the culture and history in India.

I Was In Singapore To Spend My Long Vacation And Refresh Myself

visit to Singapore

Visit To Singapore | Image Resource : wordpress.com

I do not usually get long vacations and thus I make sure that I make the most of them. I take one long break at the end of every year and this year I had planned a visit to Singapore. I would have loved to take my family along but my children had exams and thus it was impossible to go with the family.

Singapore Zoo is the best zoo that I have ever seen in my life

When I arrived in Singapore, I realized that there were so many places to visit that it was hard to cover everything. Here is my experience of some of the most amazing places that I visited in Singapore.

singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo | Image Resource :  comesingapore.com

Singapore Zoo: I knew that it would be different from the normal zoos that I have seen before but never expected such a splendid experience. The variety of animals in the zoo was just amazing. The site of the panda was one of the most memorable parts of the visit. You can also buy tickets to feed animals. I was a bit late to avail the opportunity. Also, it started to rain as the zoo lies in natural rainforest area which spoiled a bit of fun. 

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: Just as I reached the temple, I was told that they were shutting down the top levels and thus I had to rush. The temple was not just a religious place but also a museum. I wish I could spend more time in the temple as there was still a large portion that I could not explore because of the shortage of time. The temple has a great structure and is situated in the middle of a peaceful environment. One of the better things about the temple was that there were no restrictions on taking photos.

Marina Bay Sands: The structure of this hotel never gives you the feeling that it is actually a hotel. It has to be one of most beautifully structured hotels in the world. The rooms in the hotel were very expensive as expected. Although, I could not afford to stay in the hotel but at least take a cup of tea at the restaurant on the top floor. The view of the city and the beach from the top is impossible to express in words.

Trivandrum to Singapore flights

Trivandrum To Singapore Flights | Image Resource : pinimg.com

Hotel Adler Hostel is a very affordable hotel in Singapore with shared rooms

I had not come with my family and thus I had absolutely no problem in booking an accommodation in Hotel Adler Hostel. The only thing that you need to take into account is that the there are no separate rooms but cabins with decent size beds. The beds are very well maintained, neat and clean. There were two bathrooms on each floor, one each for boys and girls. The bathrooms were very clean and separate towels were provided. The beds were available at very affordable cost.

Singapore Flights had an offer that allowed me to travel at a very low cost 

I was fortunate enough to find that Singapore Airlines was offering Trivandrum to Singapore flights at special price which allowed me to travel to Singapore at a very low cost.





A Business Trip to the Sprawling Metropolis, Chennai

Recently I travelled to the modern city of Chennai which is also the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu for a business meeting. I really enjoyed my stay here and hence I would like to share the experiences of my trip to Chennai with you guys via this post. So stay tuned for all the insights regarding this sprawling metropolis.

I always plan my travel as well as accommodation beforehand so as to avoid any last minute hassles. Hence I booked my flight tickets as well as hotel in Chennai around a month in advance online via one of the popular travel websites. Thanks to the modern day travel websites I was able to plan my entire trip from the comfort of my office.

Flights From Mumbai to ChennaiFlights From Mumbai to Chennai | Image Resource : kunversation.com

Jet Airways Mumbai to Chennai flights

I searched for all the leading airlines that offer flights from Mumbai to Chennai online and booked the Jet Airways flight number 487 for my travel. I had already travelled a couple of times with this leading budget air carrier and have never been let down by it’s in – flight services that too at reasonable prices.

My flight departed from the Terminal 2 of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai at 10.50 pm and landed at the Terminal 1 of the Chennai Airport at 12.34 am. Thanks to the spacious recliner seats with ample leg room even in the economy class cabins I found the journey quite comfortable.

The state of the art in – flight entertainment system offered by this airline offers a host of music channels, movies and television shows to choose from hence keeping the passengers engrossed all through the travel duration. I reached the Chennai Airport afresh from where I boarded the airport shuttle offered by my hotel that I had pre – booked for my stay in the city.

Nortels Service Apartments – Home Away From Home

I prefer a homely space and my personal space as I travel to any place. Hence I booked the Nortels Service Apartments in the Kandanchavadiarea of Chennai. I went through the customer reviews regarding these apartments on leading travel portals and as it is one of the most highly rated accommodations in the city I booked my stay here online. This place is merely at a distance of 13.4 kilometres from the Chennai International Airport and is also well connected to all the major attractions in Chennai via public commutes.

Some of the amenities offered by this service apartment include –

  • Complimentary wireless internet connection
  • Parking facility
  • Work desk
  • Spacious and well furnished rooms featuring kitchenette
  • Laundry service
  • Housekeeping service
  • Air conditioning
  • 24 hour power supply etc.

I felt at home here and hence was quite comfortable during my Chennai visit.

Places to Visit

I had my meeting in the evening which went quite well. Hereafter since I had some more time left in the city I explored some of the famous attractions here. I visited the Shirdi Saibaba Temple, Santhome Church, Kapaleeswar Temple and the Sri Parthasarathy Temple which is in the radius of merely 15 kilometres from the Nortels Apartments.