Things to do in Raipur – Make Most of Your Visit

Raipur is one of the beautiful cities of India which is located in central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. It is a significant state for India in terms of steel production and a big industrial centre of India. There are many Indians and people from across the world that comes to visit here for various reasons ranging from commerce to leisure. It is indeed one of the colourful and vibrant cities of India with people from various communities living here.

Popular attractions in Raipur

The city also boasts of many temples and lakes. It is a popular tourist attraction and there is lot you can explore in this city. For the shopping lovers this place is an absolute delight and also for the food lovers. The local food and cuisines in this place is worth trying. Some of the best places which you can visit here are

Mahant Ghasidas memorial museum
Doodhadhari monastery and Temple
Mahamaya Temple
Budhapara Lake
Vivekanad Sarovar

One of the finest attractions in this city which you can visit is the Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum which was set up in the year 1875. The purpose of building this museum was to ensure that archaeological heritage in the country is preserved by the state for the future generation. There are a total of five galleries here which are spread in two floors. The building and design of this place is superb. It represents an octagonal shape building with a dome in the shape of crown.

Doodhadhari Lake and Monastery

Another amazing tourist location in the city of Raipur which you should visit is the Doodhadhari Lake and Monastery. It is located in the southern part of the city and lies on the banks of the Maharajbandh River. The beautiful architecture of the temple and also the River makes an amazing view and a popular tourist attraction. It was built in memory of the saint Balbhadra Das who used to have Milk as his only source of food. Visit this place for its stunning murals, paintings and the carvings. The scenic landscapes make the visit even more delightful.

Doodhadhari Monastery | Image Resource:

Mahamaya Temple

Mahamaya Temple is also a hotspot of Raipur. It is temple which is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is situated on the banks of River Kharoon. The place is visited by people from all parts of the region. The Durga Puja here is celebrated with much fanfare and fervour. The place is very easy to reach from across the city. You can find autos, taxis and private vehicles plying on this road. Budhpara Lake and the Kho Kho Lake is also located in proximity to this amazing temple.

Trains to Reach Raipur

Raipur is a city which is very well connected by trains. There are many trains which are coming from different parts of the country to Raipur Junction. You can check the list of trains online and also their timings of arrival and departure. To make bookings in the train you can use the various ticket booking apps of IRCTC and Indian Railways. All other information regarding the services and facilities are available online on the website of Indian Railways.

Raipur junction | Image Resource:

Budhapara Lake

While in Raipur, you can also make a trip to the Budhpara Lake which is an amazing jewel of the city. It is a popular picnic spot and a great way to spend some time away from the noise and city life. It is said that Lake was built in the early 15th century. The waters of this lake are surely going to bring peace and serenity. It is a great place in the city to visit with your friends and family members.

If you wish to visit any popular place which is located in the heart of the city then Vivekananda Sarovar is the best place. It is believed that the Lake was used by Swami Vivekananda as his place of stay during his visits to the city of Raipur. It is perhaps the most entertaining places in the city.


Enjoy Your Meals At Top Restaurants In Indore

Indore is one of the best places to enjoy some really good food. However, just like with any other place, you also need to know the good places to eat in Indore if you really want to enjoy the food here. There are numerous restaurants here where you can enjoy your meals with your loved ones. Apart from the good food, you will also need some really beautiful ambiance where you can relax and enjoy your meals. Here is the list of some top restaurants in Indore.

Good Places to eat in Indore | Image Resource :

  • Mediterra restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is influenced by the Mediterranean cuisines and has a lot to offer to the guests. The ambiance is charming and provides a glorious view to the skyline of Indore. There is also a wide variety of international wines that you can choose from here, and so if you love wine, here is where you would want to dine. You can go here for only dinner and enjoy your meals in the perfect ambiance.

  • Chef’s Alcove

This is a log hut kind of rustic setting located on a hillock. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of Indore and overall provides a wonderful gateway from the busy city. The experience of reaching this wonderful destination is perfect for anyone who loves to get away from the hustle bustle of the city. There is a long list of fresh food items and beverages that you can choose from here, and so you can enjoy your meals overlooking the country side. However, this restaurant gets busy and so it is best to book well in advance if you want to have some fun.

  • Culinary Avenue

This open air dinner restaurant is one of the best places to be if you love to go for a long drive with your loved ones. There are various cuisines served here and so you can choose from the one that you love the most. Here you can have delicious meals along with a beautiful ambiance. Culinary Avenue is an open air restaurant and so you will have a great experience here while enjoying your meals here with your loved ones.

You can have some really good time at the best restaurants in Indore when you plan well in advance.

Travel by train to Indore,-belur-ashok_647_061716021643.jpg

Bhopal to Indore train | Image Resource :

If you are in Bhopal and plan to visit Indore, train is one of the best options. Train travel Indore is comfortable and a feasible option. As you are looking for Bhopal to Indore train, you will be happy to find 62 trains commuting on this route every week. The first train leaves at 00:10 and the last one leaves at 22:50, and so you can choose from the one that is most suited for your needs. Some of the famous trains are:

22183: Ind Double Deck
12924: Nagpur Indore Express
19306: Shipra Express

Take help from the travel portal to find the train that is appropriate for you. Make advanced bookings to get a confirmed seat and enjoy your time in the famous restaurants here.

A Trip To Palghar- Into The Virgin Beauty

Palghar a small district in Maharashtra in the Konkan area is one of the most beautiful places in India. The Konkan region in itself is one of the most beautiful regions and this small place, which is not yet a popular tourist destination, offers one of the best beach beauty sides of India.

Visit these beautiful places of Palghar to feed your eyes

Samarth Krupa agro tourism farm
Samarth Krupa Agro Tourism Farm | Image Resource:

Samarth Krupa agro tourism farm- Spend a weekend in this farm that will help you visit the traditional culture of the Konkan area. A stay at this place will make you feel at home and you will enjoy the traditional activities of the Konkan area. The place will help you revisit the ancient era in a modern way.

Kelva Beach
Kelva Beach | Image Resource:

Kelva Beach- A little drive away from Dadar this beach is a virgin beach. Here you can enjoy a clean and a wonderful beach. The beach is gaining popularity. Hence, it helps to enjoy the endless beauty of the ocean. It is a good place to enjoy a picnic, barbecue, games, etc. with friends and family.

Satpati beach- Another beautiful beach in Palghar where you can enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Sea. The fewer tourists help in maintaining the serenity of the beach.

Kaldurg fort- If you are adventurous and is looking for a trek of a day then opt for this place. The Kaldurg fort is not a much known fort in the books of history and very less information is available on the fort except the physical existence of the fort still bearing the history within itself. While you trek to this fort, you will pass through the beautiful forest enjoying the peace and the beauty of nature. You will see a temple on the way. There will be monkeys on the way to greet the trekker his success. Therefore, trek to this beautiful mysterious fort.

Ram temple- Another thing that you can see in Palghar is the Ram temple. If you want to pay a visit to your spiritual being then visit this place.

Palghar is a place with beautiful virgin beaches that can make you feel wonderful but the above-mentioned ones are the exceptional.

Reaching Palghar

Firozpur Janata Express
Firozpur Janta Express | Image Resource:

The Firozpur Janata Express (19023) is one of the most important trains that connect Palghar. The train runs daily. Therefore, planning a trip to Palghar becomes easier. The best thing about reaching Palghar by this train is that the train reaches Palghar at daytime that will allow you to enjoy the beaches and prepare for a trek to the Kaldurg the next day if you want. The trains join the two big metro cities, the Mumbai and Delhi and starting its journey from Mumbai the train end its journey at Firozpur. As obvious, the train joins many important cities but the biggest problem you will face while travelling in this train is the lack of a pantry. Although if you are travelling only up to Palghar then it is ok, but travelling beyond can be a problem in this train.

I Want to Explore All the Best Historical Places In India

DelhiDelhi | Image Resource :

I love to explore new places. I may not afford to explore the world but can surely visit places in India. I particularly enjoy visiting historical places and there, fortunately, there are so many of them in different parts of India. I have been visiting places with my friends or alone from the time when I was a teenager. My love does not seem to end soon as I want to explore all the best historical places in India. There are also limitations of money and time that restricts me. In MBA, I do not get any time to travel, except for the semester breaks. This break was dedicated to a trip to Delhi.

My main focus was to visit India Gate, Purana Qila and Lotus Tempe in Delhi

I realized that it is not possible to explore everything in a single tour and thus I always sort out a list of particular places that I want to visit. This was my second trip to Delhi and I was focusing on three places including Lotus Temple, India Gate, and Purana Qila.

Lotus Temple: Lotus Temple was the first place that I visited in Delhi. I had already been mesmerized by its structure by just looking at some of the images. The actual experience was no different. The temple was actually more sort of a meditation place on the inside. The architecture of the Golden Temple was truly magnificent.

India GateIndia Gate | Image Resource :

India Gate: The image of the India Gate is associated with a lot of passion pride in my heart as I watch it, again and again, every year during the events like Republic Day, Independence Day etc. I visited the place in the afternoon. The place was very crowded with tourists from India as well as abroad. There were hundreds of names of the brave soldiers engraved on the walls of the India Gate.

Purana Qila: I took an auto rickshaw to Purana Qila on the next morning and I was pleased to find a lesser crowd in the place. The crowd increased as the day progressed but still it was comparatively lesser. There was a good park in the place but I was more interested in the Qila or the fort. Most of the structure was damaged or broken. Still, it was worth watching.

IRCTC ReservationIRCTC Reservation | Image Resource :

I reached Delhi via Dehradun Express with travel time of more than 30 hours

I knew that Delhi is a busy route and it is usually very hard to get irctc reservation easily on this route. I tried my best to get it early but there was a long waiting list and I had to book the ticket in Tatkal Quota. The train left Mumbai at the midnight and reached Delhi on the next morning at around 8:00 am.

I had a decent stay at the Hilton Garden Inn New Delhi

I had booked my accommodation at Hilton Garden Inn New Delhi using a travel website. It was a 4-Star hotel with decent rooms and good facilities. The quality of the food at the restaurant was not worth.

A Chance In Tasting The Popular Hyderabadi Biriyani At Its Best!

It was just another need of my job! The office management get a call and they immediately assign me the task of taking care of the event. A 3-Tier ticket for a/c class compartment was booked for me aboard the Charminar Express (12759).

I had to board the train at 1:20 in the afternoon from the Vijayawada Railway Station for an event that was going to be held at 10 pm in Hyderabad. This was going to be nearly a 5 hour journey and my opinion or willingness to travel was never asked even once! I guess many working professionals would have gone through such similar instances, as me now. The train was supposed to reach Secunderabad Railway Station by around 6, from where I had to travel another 9 Km to Katriya Hotels, where the event was going to be held.

Vijaywada Railway Station
Vijaywada Railway Station | Image Resource :

Making The Best Out Of Reluctant Travelling I A Train

My source of comfort was that at least the trip was very calm and relaxing. The air-conditioned berth along with alluring seats helped me rest my body and mind at least for a little while. A complimentary meal was served that featured three chapattis with vegetable curry and some sweets accompanied with vegetable biriyani.

The Tiresome Ordeal Of Shifting From One Journey To Another

I reached the Secunderabad Railway Station as scheduled. The temporary sleep I had in the train helped me refresh myself and look forward to the reason for making this trip. I still had 3 hours left to reach the junction. But keeping the bustling traffic in mind, I caught an auto rickshaw instead of a taxi. An auto could very well navigate through the traffic, taking short turns and manoeuvring through small gaps unlike its bigger cousin.

The Attractiveness Of Luxury In The Katriya Hotels And Tower

  • The Hotel boasts of well decorated lobbies and comfortably furnished rooms or the convenience of both business as well as leisure.
  • Being quite close to the Secunderabad Railway Station was definitely a boost for travellers like me.
  • It has rooms available in different categories to of convenience to different classes of guests.
  • All the luxurious amnesties were there that once can expect in a 3-Star hotel

Feeling A Life Of Satisfaction While Having The Hyderabadi Biriyani

Hyderabadi Biryani
Hyderabadi Biryani | Image Resource :

The actual pleasure of this trip came to me when it was time for food. The event ran successfully and I did my duties. Soon an announcement was made that food was served in a buffet system and all were asked to serve themselves. I did as suggested and soon a big smile spread on my face. I opened a large lid to find steaming-hot Hyderabadi Biriyani in it. Its main ingredient was mutton and the aroma emanating from it was just awesome!

In the end, the food made me forget all my earlier disagreements. I was actually enjoying my trip now. The event was successful and I did receive acclaim when I returned to Vijayawada. Nevertheless, the memory that I still nourish is that of having the Hyderabadi Biriyani. Thanks to the Katariya Hotels, I was able to taste the dish in its originality.