Best Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi at Night: List of 5

Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. It is famous for its magnificent places often visited at night. The plumage and beauty are irresistible enough to call for a second visit. This place is famous among people of India and even travellers for other countries. The rich heritages and recently established magnificent places are not only astounding but captivating.

For Indians, this place is like exploring the real beauty ever conceived. Here is a list of some of the amazing places of Abu Dhabi that one can visit for a pleasant night and joy that would never say good bye.

1. Ferrari World

Ferrari World is a branded theme park that indeed begets the fun of Formula One racing to Abu Dhabi and is one of the city’s top places for people who are diehard fans of something thrilling. Children can try their newly learned driving skills on the Junior GT track, while adults can ride the Flying Aces rollercoaster that takes up the speed of 120 km per hour on a 52-meter loop which is the longest and tallest in the world. There is also a collection of Ferrari’s cars that may date back to 1947.

2. Boat Tours

Besides Abu Dhabi’s shining skyscrapers, boating in Abu Dhabi is equally famous and brings more fun. As one gets back to the ocean, the view of the city filled up with tall building is amazing like anything. Boating is affordable and people who love beaches can find this exciting. With innovated boating machines, floating among waves is very much fun, and children and adults loves it.

3. Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld is a famous water park. It is also adored worldwide as people whoever visits Abu Dhabi certainly comes here for fun and shares the thrill and fun with their friends. Yas Waterworld is filled with waterslide, an inner-tube river ride, the first hydromantic tornado that allows water rafting ride, and also the magnificent surfable sheet wave, followed by the Jebel Drop and a free fall speed water slide. There are shops and cafes where people would like spend time in. Furthermore, there are restaurants where delicious dishes are present for celebration.

Yas Waterworld

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4. Saadiyat Cultural District

Saadiyat Island at Abu Dhabi is about to become the cultural point of Abu Dhabi in the following years. The Louvre Abu Dhabi that would be opened in the year of 2017, the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and Zayed National Museum, which are both in construction process will be situated there only, and they all would definitely turn the island into the United Arab Republic’s cultural and artistic hub. At this time, one can reach there to check out the art exhibitions of the Manarat al Saadiyat and it is certain that everything is so much enigmatic and enchanting that, people would feel like standing in paradice.

5. Heritage Village

The Heritage Village is like the Bedouin village that gives visitors an idea of Arabian life before it became famous for oil and other prominent events or works. It is located close to the oceans, by the beach of the city, which is a pleasant place to explore after a visit. There are shops selling exquisite objects of everyday life, followed by workshops where special men are there to demonstrate on the tradional weaving and living style of United Arab Emirates. So, as you got a fine idea on the amazing places of United Arab Republic, it’s time to explore and Mumbai to Abu Dhabi flight ticket price is really low, so visit this place and create a memory for lifetime.

Mumbai To Abu Dhabi Flight Ticket Price

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Places to Visit in Tirupati: An Insight on Some of the Best Places to Visit During Your Vacation!

TirupatiTirupati | Image Resource :

Have you ever went on a trip to the famous “Temple Town” of South India? If your answer is “no”, then you are missing a wonderful opportunity. Get ready to pack your bags and head to the glorious city of Tirupati for a truly rewarding holiday experience. Peppered with numerous temples, Tirupati is one of the popular holy towns in South India that is frequently visited by many tourists.

Check out the Famous Temples in Tirupati for a Soul warming Experience!

The temple town of Tirupati is home to many shrines dedicated to various gods and goddess. Given below are some of the top temples that you need to visit.

Sri Venkateswara TempleSri Venkateswara Temple | Image Resource :

  • Sri Venkateswara Temple: Sri Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati is the iconic landmark that lures in thousands of pilgrims. Spread across 2.2 acres, the temple is one of the ancient shrines in the city. Dedicated to Lord Sri Venkateswara, the temple is one of the best examples of Dravidian architecture. Various events and festivals are held here and many locals and international visitors take part in them.
  • Sri Govindarajaswami Temple:Centrally placed, Sri Govindarajaswami Temple is another important shrine that you have to visit when in Tirupati. Built in 1130 AD, the temple houses the statues of Lord Govindaraja and Lord Parthasarathy. Various celebrations are hosted at the premises and many devotees come to participate in them.

Talakona WaterfallsTalakona Waterfalls | Image Resource :

Parks and Natural Attractions in Tirupati: A Guide for Novice Travelers!

If you are planning a trip to Tirupati, then it is a must that you know about the tourist attractions beforehand. This will help you save a lot of time and plan your trip accordingly. Given below are some of the top tourist attractions in Tirupati.

  • Talakona Waterfalls: Nature buffs visiting Tirupati must check out the famous Talakona Waterfalls. It is one of the largest falls in Andhra that is frequently visited by many honeymooners and newlyweds. The sight of the silvery waters flowing down the rugged rocks is just amazing!
  • TTD Gardens:Another important tourist place in Tirupati is the beautiful TTD gardens. Spread across 460 acres, it boasts of being one of the top visited places in town. One can find a wide array of flowers and plants at the garden. The garden also houses many ponds and tanks where you can spend a relaxing time away from the humdrum of city life.

Tourist Attractions in TirupatiPlaces to Visit in Tirupati | Image Resource :

  • Deer Park:If you wish to spend sometime in the caressing arms of Mother Nature, just head to the famous Deer Park. It is one of the best places to visit in Tirupati that is visited by many people. Different types of animals both large and small can be seen in the park. Set amidst soothing environs, the park is the best weekend getaway for the people of the surrounding regions.
  • Akasaganga Teertham:Located at a distance of about 3 kms from Tirupati, the Akasaganga Teertham is one of the beautiful waterfalls that you have to check out. The waterfalls is famous among pilgrims who throng to the Devi temple located very close to the falls. It is also a perfect hideout for nature buffs as they can spend some relaxing time in the laps of nature.

So check out these places in Tirupati and enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

Enjoy Your Meals At Top Restaurants In Indore

Indore is one of the best places to enjoy some really good food. However, just like with any other place, you also need to know the good places to eat in Indore if you really want to enjoy the food here. There are numerous restaurants here where you can enjoy your meals with your loved ones. Apart from the good food, you will also need some really beautiful ambiance where you can relax and enjoy your meals. Here is the list of some top restaurants in Indore.

Good Places to eat in Indore | Image Resource :

  • Mediterra restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is influenced by the Mediterranean cuisines and has a lot to offer to the guests. The ambiance is charming and provides a glorious view to the skyline of Indore. There is also a wide variety of international wines that you can choose from here, and so if you love wine, here is where you would want to dine. You can go here for only dinner and enjoy your meals in the perfect ambiance.

  • Chef’s Alcove

This is a log hut kind of rustic setting located on a hillock. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of Indore and overall provides a wonderful gateway from the busy city. The experience of reaching this wonderful destination is perfect for anyone who loves to get away from the hustle bustle of the city. There is a long list of fresh food items and beverages that you can choose from here, and so you can enjoy your meals overlooking the country side. However, this restaurant gets busy and so it is best to book well in advance if you want to have some fun.

  • Culinary Avenue

This open air dinner restaurant is one of the best places to be if you love to go for a long drive with your loved ones. There are various cuisines served here and so you can choose from the one that you love the most. Here you can have delicious meals along with a beautiful ambiance. Culinary Avenue is an open air restaurant and so you will have a great experience here while enjoying your meals here with your loved ones.

You can have some really good time at the best restaurants in Indore when you plan well in advance.

Travel by train to Indore,-belur-ashok_647_061716021643.jpg

Bhopal to Indore train | Image Resource :

If you are in Bhopal and plan to visit Indore, train is one of the best options. Train travel Indore is comfortable and a feasible option. As you are looking for Bhopal to Indore train, you will be happy to find 62 trains commuting on this route every week. The first train leaves at 00:10 and the last one leaves at 22:50, and so you can choose from the one that is most suited for your needs. Some of the famous trains are:

22183: Ind Double Deck
12924: Nagpur Indore Express
19306: Shipra Express

Take help from the travel portal to find the train that is appropriate for you. Make advanced bookings to get a confirmed seat and enjoy your time in the famous restaurants here.

Places To Visit In Lonavala: A Treat To Your Eyes And Soul!

If you want to view nature at close quarters you should trek all your way to that point. Hill stations offer trekking facilities and if you could select Lonavala, a popular hill station of Maharashtra you are lucky. Lonavala is close to Mumbai and Pune and it enjoys both rail and road connectivity from different places of Maharashtra. This beautiful hill station was discovered by Lord Elphinstone and later the British developed the place to escape the scorching heat of the plains.

You have to visit the place to feel the ethereal beauty of the place. The lush dense green forests and the waterfalls have made the place attractive. Do visit the place during monsoons as it is evergreen and it soothes your soul. You can trek from Pimpri village and it will lead you to valleys, waterfalls and ends at Bhira. Lonavala is famous for its chikki, Karla and Bhaja caves. The place is also popular for its boarding schools.

Bhaja Caves  | Image Resource :

  • Kune Falls

It is between Lonavala and Khandala and it offers a visual delight. It is one of the highest waterfall in the country and you will be awe struck by the rich greenery around the falls. It is a three tiered falls and the best time to visit the falls is during monsoon when the place looks stunningly beautiful.

  • Tiger Point

Tiger Point | Image Resource :

If you want to capture best shots for posterity rush to this place. It is at a height of 650 metres and from this place you can get breath taking views of forests, waterfalls and valleys. The place looks like a leaping tiger and so it is known as Tiger Point. The sunrise and sunset views from this point are mesmerising and you will feel sublime. During monsoon you can see the point covered with clouds and do capture those moments.

  • Karla Caves

It offers a good representation of architectural brilliance. You need to climb 300 steps to reach the caves but you will not regret it. Once inside the beauty of the sculptures will leave you speechless. It was built in 80BC and the sculptures are intricate and words fail to describe the carvings.

  • Bhaja Caves

To appreciate the artistic skills of the craftsmen of the past you should visit this cave. The caves are over 2200 years old and it is an ancient Buddhist centre. The cave faces west and when the sunrays fall on the caves the whole place looks divinely beautiful. There is a waterfall near the cave and the whole place looks beautiful during monsoon.

  • Lonavala Lake

It dries up during summer and it gets filled up during monsoon. The lake is a popular picnic spot and it has scenic surroundings around it. You can spot many varieties of birds near the lake.

Della Adventure Resort: Unmatched Facilities And Services!

Della adventure resort | Image Resource :

To enjoy the beauty of the place you should check in to a comfortable place. Della adventure resort is a five star designer resort spread over 43 acres of land. The resort offers various adventure activities for their guests and their rooms are beautifully furnished. The resort offers speciality restaurants, spa, fitness centre, travel desk, etc.

Quick Guide about Madurai for Travelers Out There!

Madurai Tourism
Madurai Tourism | Image Resource:

The ‘City of Junctions’, Madurai is famous as one of the oldest inhabited cities in India. This city is famous for its Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple and is a pilgrim town. Madurai is a popular tourist destination and a cultural hotspot. It also served as the capital of the Pandyan dynasty in the past. Now, it is popular for its architecture, cuisine, and shopping apart from being a pilgrim spot.

Madurai is nestled on the banks of Vaigai River in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also famous as ‘City of Jasmine’, and ‘City that never sleeps’. Madurai is mentioned in the Tamil classical epic, Silappatikaram which is about Kannagi who revenge her husband’s death. The city’s history dates back to the 3rd century BC. Today, it is one of the major cities in India. It has many industries related to IT sector and services, textile and automobiles industries.

The prime attraction in this city is the Sree Meenakshi Amman Temple. It is one of the most popular temples in South India. This is a huge temple and extends beyond 6 hectares of area. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is named after his wife goddess Parvati. Kulasekara Pandya had built this temple. It is famous for architectural brilliance and has a hall with thousand pillars.

Famous Cafes In Madurai:

Madurai is now more than just a temple town. Madurai tourism remains at peak throughout the year. It also serves as the gateway to various hill stations such as Munnar and Kodaikanal. This city has developed greatly and has modernized to a great extent. There are many fine restaurants and hotels in the city. With the generous tourist activity in this city, the hospitality industry is well-established. There are many famous cafes in Madurai.

Check-out the list of some popular cafes in the city:

1. British Bakery Cafe: One of the most popular cafés in Madurai city is British Bakery Café. It is a classic bakery with a cafeteria. They serve premium quality bakery products and fresh coffee to enliven your taste buds. It is a great place to hang out with friends. The ambiance of this place is excellent and relaxing. The staff in this café offer brilliant service.

2. C For Café: For Sandwich and Coffee head to this café. They also serve a variety of burger and mojito, cold coffee. The hot chocolate shakes, mocktails, pizzas, and fries are must try here. If you are craving for delicious brownie or falooda, the there this is just the right place for you. This café has an amazing atmosphere and is an ideal place to spend good times here with your favorite people.

Café Coffee Day
Cafe Coffee Day | Image Resource:

3. Café Coffee Day: It is one of the most popular café brands in the world. Here, you can find a wide variety of hot and cold drinks. Choose anything from classic filter coffee, cappuccino to cranberry latte. The Inverted Cappuccino and Vanilla Cappuccino are some popular drinks from this café. They also serve burger, cake and a huge range of latte including red velvet latte, cafe latte, hazelnut latte, etc. It is a perfect place to enjoy, espresso, and cafe mocha with friends.

There are many other amazing places in the city such as Cafe Ecstasy, Sri Vishalakshi Coffee Bar, etc where you can have fun and coffee with our friends, or loved ones.

Hyderabad Famous Street Food Places: Relish the Cuisines of Hyderabad!

City of PearlsCity of Pearls | Image Resource :

Hyderabad is the capital of the Southern Indian state of Telangana. It was established in the year 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah who was the fifth sultan of Qutb Shahi Dynasty of Golconda. Hyderabad is often referred to as the ‘City of Pearls‘ since it was previously a major trading centre for pearls and diamonds.

Hyderabad has lots to offer for a fastidious gourmet. This city is popularly known for its ubiquitous food carts known as Bandis which serves delicious and crispy butter dosas, tawa idlis and Vadas with chutney. There is always something special about the tempting aromas of street foods that pamper your taste buds. Let us look at some of the top street food places in Hyderabad.

Sardarji's DhabaSardarji’s Dhaba | Image Resource :

1. Sardarji’s Dhaba, Gachibowli : –

Sardarji’s Dhaba is a renowned place which serves Hyderabad street foods such as dahi bhalla, samosa and papdi chaat. This outlet has the capacity to accommodate thirty to thirty five members at a time.

2. Gokul Chat, Koti : –

The Gokul Chat which is touted as one of the top eateries in Hyderabad serves delicious chaat as well as pav bhajji. Lots of people throng this place during day time.

3. Maharaja Chaat, Madhapur : –

Maharaja Chaat is an ideal spot to have some snacks with your friends and families. It is regarded as the second best street food in Hyderabad right after Gokul Chat.

Chole KulcheChole Kulche | Image Resource :

4. Ohri’s Chowpatti, Banjara Hills : –

The Ohri’s Chowpatti serves tangy dishes such as rugda samosa and chole kulche. It is the ultimate stop shop to savor the street food.

5. Lamakaan, Banjara Hills : –

The Lamakaan boasts of its perfect ambiance. They serve dishes like Vadas, pakodas and mirchi bajjis.

6. Golden Point Tea and Snacks in Himayath Nagar : –

Those who wish to experience a snacky evening may head to Golden Point Tea and Snacks which is located within the premises of Himayath Nagar. It is a popular food joint for youngsters as well as college students. One of the famous dishes which are served at this eatery is noodles. Fried rice and tea are other options which are ideal to choose at late night.

So why wait. Go around the city and grab a bite at some of the above mentioned top street food centers in Hyderabad.

Tiger AirlinesTiger Airlines | Image Resource :

For those who are looking for a hassle free travelling experience to Hyderabad may book their air tickets to Hyderabad via Tiger Airlines. The Tiger Airlines came into existence in the year 2003. It is one of the leading low-cost carriers which offer its passengers great value in terms of price, top notch customer service along with highest standards of safety and security.

This airline consist of fuel efficient fleets such as Airbus 320, Tiger Australia -11 320, Mandala -3 A320 and SEAir – 2 A319. They provide a free magazine named Tiger Tales where customers will become aware of the latest news and attractive deals. They also screen an exclusive program named Stripes which enables the passengers to access the airline’s deals and discounts.

A Trip To Palghar- Into The Virgin Beauty

Palghar a small district in Maharashtra in the Konkan area is one of the most beautiful places in India. The Konkan region in itself is one of the most beautiful regions and this small place, which is not yet a popular tourist destination, offers one of the best beach beauty sides of India.

Visit these beautiful places of Palghar to feed your eyes

Samarth Krupa agro tourism farm
Samarth Krupa Agro Tourism Farm | Image Resource:

Samarth Krupa agro tourism farm- Spend a weekend in this farm that will help you visit the traditional culture of the Konkan area. A stay at this place will make you feel at home and you will enjoy the traditional activities of the Konkan area. The place will help you revisit the ancient era in a modern way.

Kelva Beach
Kelva Beach | Image Resource:

Kelva Beach- A little drive away from Dadar this beach is a virgin beach. Here you can enjoy a clean and a wonderful beach. The beach is gaining popularity. Hence, it helps to enjoy the endless beauty of the ocean. It is a good place to enjoy a picnic, barbecue, games, etc. with friends and family.

Satpati beach- Another beautiful beach in Palghar where you can enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Sea. The fewer tourists help in maintaining the serenity of the beach.

Kaldurg fort- If you are adventurous and is looking for a trek of a day then opt for this place. The Kaldurg fort is not a much known fort in the books of history and very less information is available on the fort except the physical existence of the fort still bearing the history within itself. While you trek to this fort, you will pass through the beautiful forest enjoying the peace and the beauty of nature. You will see a temple on the way. There will be monkeys on the way to greet the trekker his success. Therefore, trek to this beautiful mysterious fort.

Ram temple- Another thing that you can see in Palghar is the Ram temple. If you want to pay a visit to your spiritual being then visit this place.

Palghar is a place with beautiful virgin beaches that can make you feel wonderful but the above-mentioned ones are the exceptional.

Reaching Palghar

Firozpur Janata Express
Firozpur Janta Express | Image Resource:

The Firozpur Janata Express (19023) is one of the most important trains that connect Palghar. The train runs daily. Therefore, planning a trip to Palghar becomes easier. The best thing about reaching Palghar by this train is that the train reaches Palghar at daytime that will allow you to enjoy the beaches and prepare for a trek to the Kaldurg the next day if you want. The trains join the two big metro cities, the Mumbai and Delhi and starting its journey from Mumbai the train end its journey at Firozpur. As obvious, the train joins many important cities but the biggest problem you will face while travelling in this train is the lack of a pantry. Although if you are travelling only up to Palghar then it is ok, but travelling beyond can be a problem in this train.