A Trip To Palghar- Into The Virgin Beauty

Palghar a small district in Maharashtra in the Konkan area is one of the most beautiful places in India. The Konkan region in itself is one of the most beautiful regions and this small place, which is not yet a popular tourist destination, offers one of the best beach beauty sides of India.

Visit these beautiful places of Palghar to feed your eyes

Samarth Krupa agro tourism farm
Samarth Krupa Agro Tourism Farm | Image Resource: samarthkrupafarm.com

Samarth Krupa agro tourism farm- Spend a weekend in this farm that will help you visit the traditional culture of the Konkan area. A stay at this place will make you feel at home and you will enjoy the traditional activities of the Konkan area. The place will help you revisit the ancient era in a modern way.

Kelva Beach
Kelva Beach | Image Resource: youtube.com

Kelva Beach- A little drive away from Dadar this beach is a virgin beach. Here you can enjoy a clean and a wonderful beach. The beach is gaining popularity. Hence, it helps to enjoy the endless beauty of the ocean. It is a good place to enjoy a picnic, barbecue, games, etc. with friends and family.

Satpati beach- Another beautiful beach in Palghar where you can enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Sea. The fewer tourists help in maintaining the serenity of the beach.

Kaldurg fort- If you are adventurous and is looking for a trek of a day then opt for this place. The Kaldurg fort is not a much known fort in the books of history and very less information is available on the fort except the physical existence of the fort still bearing the history within itself. While you trek to this fort, you will pass through the beautiful forest enjoying the peace and the beauty of nature. You will see a temple on the way. There will be monkeys on the way to greet the trekker his success. Therefore, trek to this beautiful mysterious fort.

Ram temple- Another thing that you can see in Palghar is the Ram temple. If you want to pay a visit to your spiritual being then visit this place.

Palghar is a place with beautiful virgin beaches that can make you feel wonderful but the above-mentioned ones are the exceptional.

Reaching Palghar

Firozpur Janata Express
Firozpur Janta Express | Image Resource: indiarailinfo.com

The Firozpur Janata Express (19023) is one of the most important trains that connect Palghar. The train runs daily. Therefore, planning a trip to Palghar becomes easier. The best thing about reaching Palghar by this train is that the train reaches Palghar at daytime that will allow you to enjoy the beaches and prepare for a trek to the Kaldurg the next day if you want. The trains join the two big metro cities, the Mumbai and Delhi and starting its journey from Mumbai the train end its journey at Firozpur. As obvious, the train joins many important cities but the biggest problem you will face while travelling in this train is the lack of a pantry. Although if you are travelling only up to Palghar then it is ok, but travelling beyond can be a problem in this train.